Birth of baby Yannis

I walked into labor room #8 and was instantly in awe of the woman I saw. Lying in bed was the most calm and quiet laboring mother I have ever seen. I wouldn't not have been able to tell that in just a few short hours she would birth her first child with barely a gasp or groan. The most noise she made during all of labour and delivery was after her sweet boy had been born and she was able to hold him in her arms finally. Then, and only then, did her voice break and sobs of joy filled the hospital room. She was admitted to the hospital and had her baby within 4 hours. What amazed me more was when she told the OB she didn't want her waters broken before she had a chance to talk to her son. The OB left the room, nearly rolling his eyes, and went to check other patients. The mama then said a prayer with her husband and spoke softly to her baby, a few minutes later her waters broke spontaneously and within a few moments she was pushing. Three pushes later, with barely a sweat, her baby was free and caught by the attending nurse.