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Photography for me is a way to be a part of all the things I love about life. Photography is a way to keep those tiny special moments throughout the many changes life is full of.

Documenting life. love. strife. joy. glee. sorrow. aging. growth. tenderness. connections. nature. you.

The last few years have been mostly filled with family life. We have changed and moved a lot since 2015 but things are about to settle down again for a while. Navy life is coming to an end, and we will be moving back to the PNW finally in the summer of 2019. I am looking forward to finding lifelong clients, friends and adventure buddies in this new chapter of my life.

I am inspired by

• Capturing a look that not only conveys emotion, but one that also shows the essence of a person.

• True, soulful laughter that bounces off walls.

• The light in the desert right before a winter storm.

• Early mornings surrounded by big trees watching the light slowly spill down to the forest floor. (Especially good if there is some morning fog involved)

• Witnessing two people who are so in love that everything else in the world fades away, if even for a few moments.

• Aimlessly wandering around a new city, with or without my camera. Finding the perfect cafe to sit and watch the locals while drinking a crazy amount of espresso.




Instagram @bronica.road

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Portland Portrait Photographer of 2015


Skinny Dipping Report 2017

Oregon Explored Photographic Quarterly 2016

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