Birth of baby Yannis

I walked into labor room #8 and was instantly in awe of the woman I saw. Lying in bed was the most calm and quiet laboring mother I have ever seen. I wouldn't not have been able to tell that in just a few short hours she would birth her first child with barely a gasp or groan. The most noise she made during all of labour and delivery was after her sweet boy had been born and she was able to hold him in her arms finally. Then, and only then, did her voice break and sobs of joy filled the hospital room. She was admitted to the hospital and had her baby within 4 hours. What amazed me more was when she told the OB she didn't want her waters broken before she had a chance to talk to her son. The OB left the room, nearly rolling his eyes, and went to check other patients. The mama then said a prayer with her husband and spoke softly to her baby, a few minutes later her waters broke spontaneously and within a few moments she was pushing. Three pushes later, with barely a sweat, her baby was free and caught by the attending nurse. 

At Home Maternity Session

I love outdoor sessions most, but in home lifestyle sessions come a very close second. Gimme a glowing and silly mama and her energetic 3 year old and I am even happier! This in home maternity boudoir lifestyle session morphed quickly into a mommy and me session. It was so much fun to capture the calm beautiful mama-to-be and the active mama-to-be throwing her kid around. 

Mommy to be or Mommy and me, I'll take all the sessions like this one please! 


Mama and Me adventure session Three Rivers, CA

What a lovely day for a Mama and Me adventure session, lumped in with this beautiful lady's Maternity session. The season is changing and Spring feels like it is already here at the end of January. We didn't get much of a winter this year at all though, so the warm weather probably means our summer is going to be brutal. But that is life in the Central Valley, right? I'm not really used to it though. Coming from the PNW to here has been a bit of a shock. 

But, as comes with moving often, I've found a couple beautiful spots that make me fee like I am back home. I love big open landscapes with mountains in the background, so Three Rivers is pretty much ideal for my aesthetic. Pair that with happy clients, wild kids, and glowing pregnant ladies and who could really ask for more?! 

This mama is about to have baby number two and her three year old son is convinced the baby is going to be a dinosaur. We'll see how disappointed he really is when baby #2 pops out in March. 

This maternity session was fun though, I got to see her interacting with her kiddo and see her face relax as she rubbed her belly while trying to keep a crazy three year old from falling off of a rocky hill side. All in all though there is nothing more precious then seeing a mama interact with their kid on the kids level. We forget that even when our kids are being crazy or seeming not to listen, they are exploring this large and wondrous world in their own ways and we should probably take our time to re-explore our world with them. It is a magical place out there!